API Docs for: 0.2

animatePaper Class



() chainable

Defined in src/export.js:5

The main animation interface. It can take a single option object or an array of option objects if you want to chain animations without falling into Callback Hell.


  • customEasings

Defined in src/export.js:50

Use this method to extend the private Easing collection.

The customEasings object should like this :

        "easingName": function(p) { easing algorithm }

When used, easing functions are passed the following arguments :

  • percent
  • percent * duration

Easing functions are obviously expected to return the eased percent.


  • customEasings Object

    A collection of easing functions


  • customHooks

Defined in src/export.js:70

Use this method to extend _tweenPropHooks.

The customHooks object should like this :

        "propertyName": {
            set: function() {},
            get: function() {},
            ease: function() {}

Each hook can contain a get, set and ease functions. When these functions are used, they are passed only one argument : the Tween object, exept for the ease() function which gets the eased percent as second parameter.

  • The get() function must return the current value of the Tween.item's property.
  • The set() function must set the value of the Tween.item's property with Tween.now (which will most likely be the result of get() or ease())
  • The ease() function must return the eased value. The second parameter is the eased percent.


  • customHooks Object

    A collection of objects


() chainable

Defined in src/export.js:32

Stops all animations on the item. If goToEnd is true, the animated properties will be set to their final values.